Xtreme Matches - Angela Sommers and Christina Carter

Xtreme Matches - Angela Sommers and Christina Carter
Two big beautiful babes, one wears the crown and the other wants it… we are in for one hell of a treat! Christina Carter is determined to rip the crown from Angela Sommers’ head - she storms into Angela’s living room as the big blonde is reveling in her success as sexual fighting champion, she struts about with the crown on her head but Christina lets her know those other girls she defeated were wimps and now she is up against a real warrior, with this she cracks her across the face sending the blonde flying to the couch. Christina proceeds to destroy the champ finally choking her with her own top but the blonde comes back and strips the brunette… the fight is on. Soon both babes are naked and decide to test their sexual prowess, long wet kisses lead to a fingering duel as both ladies make their finger deep into vulnerable pussies, one goes to her knees overwhelmed by the sex and the other now attacks her pussy orally, she licks that pussy with her long wet tongue as she fingers her victim and then as we get close we see her nibble then bite those tender vagina lips, it’s a fabulous shot as we get so close it’s like we are there, the moans the groans of pleasure mixed with the liquid sounds of wet tongues, teeth and vagina, we can just feel it.
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Xtreme Matches - Angela Sommers and Christina Carter
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